Conecta Fiction & Entertainment – Recipes for a Nervous Breakdown

‘Recipes for A Nervous Breakdown’ is showcased as one of the projects presented to an audience of producers and distributors at the industry centrepiece of the vastly expanded Conecta Fiction & Entertainment, the Europe-Latin America TV and networking forum, now in its seventh edition. In an article for Variety, John Hopewell and Emiliano De Pablos outline the project in the High-End Series along with ‘The Drop’ (Pausoka Ent & Federation Spain, Spain), Floor 13 (Zebra Producciones, Spain) and ‘Numana’ (Clare Films, Chile). 

Billed as a darkly comic drama about hedonistic young chef Claire Healy pops a pill, suffers psychosis, ends up in a psychiatric ward, yearning for recovery. Irish author, journalist and podcast host White writes. Paul Donovan and Ailish McElmeel’s Deadpan Pictures produces.

In Sophie White we have found a unique, honest, darkly comic voice for TV. It’s visceral, dark and funny because in the face of total life collapse, humour is your life-raft.

Recipes for A Nervous Breakdown - Deadpan Pictures

Unspooling June 26-29 for the second year in Toledo, the capital of Spain’s Castilla-La Mancha, just south of Madrid, Conecta Fiction will retain 2022’s new showcase sections of high-end projects, feel good formats and docudramas, and add other soon-to-be announced new showcases.

This expansion reflects the backing of ICEX, Spain’s bullish export and inward investment agency, as part of the ambitious government-led €1.6 billion ($1.8 billion) Spain AVS Plan.

Sluiced by comedies, or series with a comedic tone, and social-issue series, Conecta Fiction’s project lineup looks reflect in other ways an industry zeitgeist. Once working a Latin America-Spain/France street, Conecta Fiction has broadened its compass, projects now hail from Lebanon.

As producers fear an streaming service pull back from original production, Geraldine Gonard, Conecta Fiction director, stressed at a Cannes Festival presentation that the event is “focused more than ever” in creating opportunities for talent and financing tools for producers.”

Conecta Fiction is supported by the government of Castilla-La Mancha, ICEX, Spain Film Commission, Fundación SGAE and rights society DAMA.