Blackwater Lane Trailer: Minka Kelly Has a Breakdown While Experiencing Ghostly Visitors

Minka Kelly’s new movie ‘Blackwater Lane,’ based on the 2017 novel ‘The Breakdown,’ is out in the US on June 21.


Minka Kelly is experiencing creepy paranormal events in her latest movie.

On May 15, Lionsgate debuted the trailer for the horror film Blackwater Lane exclusively with PEOPLE. Kelly, 43, stars as Cass, who grows increasingly disturbed after a scary encounter in the night.

Her husband (played by Dermot Mulroney) chalks the experience up to an active imagination. Meanwhile, a visitor to the couple’s home implies the property is haunted.

As the trailer shows, eventually a woman is found dead on a street near Cass’ home and she begins seeing dead animals in her yard. Mulroney’s character worries medications Cass takes are causing her to hallucinate, and she seems to begin doubting her own interpretations of reality as the supernatural forces surrounding her close in.

“After witnessing a tragedy on a dangerous country road, Cass is visited by a ghostly presence and begins to question her sanity,” reads a synopsis. “As these otherworldly experiences intensify, Cass is driven closer to the brink until she begins to assemble the pieces of a horrific plot against her.”


Blackwater Lane is directed by Jeff Celentano (2023’s The Hill) and is based on author B.A. Paris’ 2017 novel The Breakdown.


Paris broke out with her 2016 novel Behind Closed Doors and has since published six more novels, including the basis for the upcoming film. The author’s website states that both Behind Closed Doors and another novel of hers, The Therapist, are in development as feature film adaptations by Elizabeth Fowler, a producer on Blackwater Lane.

Maggie Grace also stars in the movie alongside Kelly and Mulroney. For Kelly, Blackwater Lane marks her first feature film role since 2021’s Lansky. In between, she appeared on Max’s superhero series Titans and played the character Samantha on Euphoria‘s second season. Kelly will next appear in Netflix’s upcoming Western series Ransom Canyon opposite Josh Duhamel and James Brolin, according to Tudum.

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