Sheila David is the founder and owner of Catapult Rights. She has worked in the industry since 2006, and has always leant into book to screen rights management, most recently having spent ten years representing dramatic rights for the Darley Anderson Literary Agencies. 

Catapult represents dramatic rights in articles and books across non-fiction and fiction, working with literary agents in the UK and the US. The list ranges from the commercial to the literary, and takes in pre-school titles, graphic novels, intelligent narrative non-fiction, all the way across to chilling contemporary horror and fantasy.

We also represent original material from screenwriters.

Book agents or screenwriters can contact us on info@catapultrights.com

Our team

Sheila David | Catapult Rights

Sheila David

Founder & Agent

Camilla Zervoglos | Catapult Rights

Camilla Zervoglos

Finance & Operations